IMD International Museum Day (18 May)

Virtual Museums & Exhibitions

Link to Virtual 360 tour online here !

Online 360° virtual tours – Neoart3 500sqm Exhibition & STEAM workshop design – RUN: CLICK HERE for external LINK

在线360°虚拟导览– Neoart3 500平米展览和蒸汽工作室设计–运行:点击此处获取外部链接
马里奥·塔迪(Mario Taddei)教授

The online virtual tour is made of hi resolution 360° panoramic images. You can use it inside your browser or with your phone. If you use Firefox browser on your phone you can access also to the gyroscopic function and move your phone around you. To navigate inside the exposition just click in the area you want to go. Automatic audio spot will explain the art pieces and the tour. If you find icons around you can access to informations, images, videos and external link
Remember to use full screen mode on your phone. You can use and access also to VR cardboard or phone VR devices.